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Side Chick Secrets 2

At the end of the first installment of Side Chick Secrets: I Want Her Man, sh*t has hit the fan. Angie hits Marlee with the devastating news about her husband, Moses, and Thot City. What will happen when Marlee finds out that not only has Thot City been sleeping with her man, but she has not one kid, but a kid and one on the way with him? Will she spill the beans and make their lives hell, or will she stand tall and fight for what’s rightfully hers?

Marlee may think she has one up on Moses because she knows about his best-kept secret, but will his love for his side chick prevail and he not care what his wife has on him? Marlee portrays herself as the faithful wife, but she has been anything but a good girl. How will Moses deal with the news that he wasn’t the only one being bad in his marriage? While he was creepin’, so was his wife. As they say, what goes around comes back around, and karma was a b*tch. When karma hits Moses, it rips his heart out.

Moses had his side chick Egypt on cloud nine believing he was leaving his wife for good to play hubby and daddy to her and their kids, but will he actually follow through on his word, or will he continue to run game like he always has since they had been fooling around?

Love, lies, and betrayal are at an all-time high, and everyone has to decide which way to go. Marlee plans to play it out until the end, even if it costs Moses everything. She refuses to lose her man to his full-time side chick who forgot how to play her position.

While Egypt, Paris, and London fight separate battles after the love triangle that tore their families apart, they learn quickly that their past can easily dictate and control their futures. In this explosive finale, Side Chick Secrets are exposed and it ain’t easy wanting someone else’s man.

Sit back and see how it all unravels in this explosive finale…