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Side Chick Secrets

A dusty, thirsty, chick who one keeps around strictly for beating up the hot box. You usually have to gas her up by alluding to the possibility of a relationship in the near future in order to keep getting what’s between her legs. She’s a throwaway broad who a nigga never intentionally expects to ever wife. Side-chicks are usually cool with their status as the jump off due to the fact that they either have no shame or they are merely blinded by love. (Urban

Egypt, Paris, and London James are three sisters doomed from the time they entered the world. Being the side piece’s children leads each of them on the road to discovering exactly who they are as women.

Egypt, the oldest of the three sisters, finds herself in a similar situation as her mother; the side chick. While she hated to believe that her boyfriend was anything like her father, she continued a downhill relationship with the very fine, sexy, but also very married, Moses Malone. Moses. Unlike her father, Moses never rendered promises to leave his wife, but Egypt plans to do anything necessary to leave her side chick status behind and become the main chick on the arm of her man. Little does she know, Moses’ wife, Marlee, is a force to be reckoned with and will not give up her man so easily. Doing anything she has to do to ensure she never loses her husband, Marlee is willing to use secrets from Moses’ past and present to make sure no one, including the side chick, steals what is rightfully hers. Just like side piece status had a meaning to Egypt, wifey status took reign in Marlee’s eyes.

Paris James, the middle sister, hot-headed, determined, and a fashion boutique owner was hell on wheels. What happened between her mother and father left her drained, disgusted, and bitter. She was hell bent on never being anyone’s side chick, and in order to make sure of it, she swore off men period. Promising herself she’d never deal with a man and risk dealing with heartbreak like her father had inflicted on their mother, she lived her life dating and sexing women only. Would this secure her heart, or will she discover that even females knew how to play the same games as niggas did?

London James, the baby girl of the bunch, was always sheltered and protected by her older siblings, but unbeknownst to them, just like the fall out of their parents wreaked havoc on them, it did the same to her. Keeping her personal life low key from her siblings and grandparents, London found herself swooped in by an older man who plays on her naivety and her innocence. While everyone deals with their own issues, the baby of the family deals with inner demons and outward sins in private, driving her to make some choices that no young girl should have to face alone.

While each of these young women struggle to find out who they are as women, everything goes back to the choices made in their childhood. Were they old enough to know better and do better now? Yes, they were, but what they saw and experienced in their daily lives had molded them into what they became. And what each of them saw in their early years was their mother put on the back burner for their father’s wife and other kids.

In this nail-biting, gripping, on the edge urban tale of three sisters, who based what they knew about love from their side chick mother and unfaithful father, they learn quickly that their past can make or break them. Secrets, lies, and betrayal will either rip them apart or make them stick together like glue. Let’s take a ride and see how side chick secrets can change lives… especially when you want someone else’s man!