Surrendered My Heart to A Cold Love 2

Part one left us wondering what was next in store for our couples.
Essence thought she found the perfect love in Wahlid until he suddenly broke it off with her. She went to his apartment for answers, but what she wasn’t expecting was a whole wife! Betrayed isn’t even the word to describe how Essence was left feeling, but is it all as it seems with Wahlid? Was he trying to play home in two different houses, or did his wife have a part in his decision to get with Essence? Plus, Mercy isn’t as squeaky clean as she’s playing, and she has another secret to reveal to Wahlid… one that ultimately affects Essence too. What will happen with this unexpected love triangle?
Cashmere found herself back in the arms of her first love, but it was short lived when an intruder interrupted their reunion. Amario is left fighting for his life, and Cashmere is left wondering if she will end up by his side or his enemy once again.
With Amario out for the count, Dominique sees that as her chance to get back with Amario, and this time, she has her eyes on revenge, and it’s directed at Cashmere. Both Dom and Cashmere are holding out hope that when Amario wakes up, he will pick one of them… but does he?
Finally, Creed and Blessing thought they could start something new together, but when Blessing drops an unexpected bomb on Creed, he walks away. Stuck between what he knows and what he’s been told, Creed turns cold to Blessing, leaving room for Sasha to worm her way back in. Shame it’s not for a good reason. Creed needs to decide whether he’s going to follow his heart or his mind, but they’re both pointing in different directions. Will he pick in time, or will Sasha’s plan come to fruition?
In part two, more secrets and lies are revealed. These girls thought life would be easy when they surrendered to a cold love, and they couldn’t have been more wrong.