Surrendered My Heart to A Cold Love 3

The crew is back, and there’s more drama!

Did Amario really wake up with no memory? After all the waiting Cashmere did, she was hit with the reality… Amario didn’t know who she was. Just as she finally found hope, it was taken from her in a matter of seconds.

With her having to deal with the aftermath of her attack and now Amario having no memory of her, how much more can Cashmere take? Will she still stand by Amario, or will she finally let Dominique win?

But is it all lost on Amario’s part?

Wahlid is finally free from the secret he tried to keep from Essence—his wife—but is it too little too late for them now that Leon has exposed a secret that Essence was trying to keep from him?

Will this couple ever make it, or has just too much damage been done?

And finally, Creed decides that he wants answers to questions that just won’t seem to go away but he walks in on Blessing confessing something, he didn’t expect. Is there more to it than what he heard or was she lying all along?

With all the planning, lying and scheming will Dominique and Sasha end up winning or was it all in vain?

Love can be so complicated, and these women found that out the hard way when they surrendered their hearts to a cold love.