Taken by a Real Gangsta Romance 2

Part one left us with our mouths hanging, and in this finale, some heads are gonna roll! But whose?

Akeela used her father to get Konvict right where she wanted him, but he had no idea her plans included Joelle!

Messiah is back, and poor Joelle was blinded by a friendship that may cost her life.

Will Di’Aundrie be able to save her in time when he has no idea that she’s even missing? Or will Akeela finally win?

Secret and Romello’s romance was one for the books! The night they met went terribly wrong, but it changed their lives forever. Secret’s baby is Romello’s, and that put them back onto each other’s path, which eventually led to their romance blossoming once again.

However, Sheena isn’t quite ready to let Romello go, even though her past is not as clean as she played. Now she’s set her sights on using Malik, and you won’t believe what she makes him do!

Will that be the end of Romello and Secret, or is their love strong enough to withstand? Find out in this emotional finale.

These brothers have drama coming from every angle, but with their women taken by a real gangsta romance, the brothers find that they just can’t walk away.