Taken by a Real Gangsta Romance

They say that romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, but is that the case when you find that romance in a gangsta?

Di’Aundrie “Konvict” Miller and Romello “Predator” Grant were two half brothers living their best lives as the ruthless kings of New York.
Life was great, and they had everything they could ever ask for until two women came and turned their lives upside down.

Konvict meets Joelle – the daughter of his enemy – and his first instinct is to kill her until he finds that she’s the link to an even bigger enemy. He has only two choices; to use her as bait or believe that she was a victim and help her. He makes a decision but was it the right one?

Not only is he battling his mind and heart, but a past he thought he could walk away from comes knocking, and it has a price to pay that ultimately involves Joelle.

Predator has a family at home, but that doesn’t stop him from playing in the streets. He promises to stop, but only after he gets to spend the night with Secret – a woman he’s been seeing for weeks and can’t shake from his mind.

When he finally gets a chance to, he jumps at it, but when it all goes wrong, his family life falls apart, and there’s only one person to blame – Secret. Will he get his revenge on her and save his family that he wants so badly or follow his heart that is telling him he has her all wrong?

When these four people met, the last thing on their minds was love and romance. But inevitably, they found themselves TAKEN BY A REAL GANGSTA ROMANCE.

The question is, do they give in?