The Best Part of Me 3

It’s funny how love has a way of changing things. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, life throws you a curveball. Marcellus Blake knew that better than anyone. He’d been living his life on a private high until being inadvertently forced to expose himself.

Not at all accustomed to explaining himself or considering any needs outside of his own, he’s become immersed in one of the most difficult situations of his life. Not realizing it until it was too late, Marcellus finds his heart torn between two women with no way out.

Everything that seemed right and natural has now become the biggest fight of his life. How does he walk away from everything he’s known to embark on an unknown road with uncertain feelings? More than willing and inadvertently eager to trust his newest feelings, Marcellus pursues what feels right, only to be met with one barrier after the next.

What’s a man to do when he’s broken the heart that was made for him? How does he retract the feelings that were never supposed to form? Where does he start picking up the regretful pieces that he’s lost? Above all, when does the woman he wants, begin to want him back?

…It’s all fun and games until the person you love no longer loves you back…