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The Connect Who Took My Heart Away 2

After burying the father of her child, Miani has to face her next obstacle of divorcing her crazed husband, Ralph. Severing ties with Obasi once she oversteps their friendship, her decision to leave placed her back in a place she vowed never to return to. What she once bargained for was nothing close to what came. Bearing through her hindrances, Obasi is never too far. Only this time, terms have changed, but have they changed enough for the two to realize they want more than to just be

Dice, having to fill new shoes in the game, has to swallow taking the
backseat now. With brothers hovering over, she has more than enough time to think about what she possibly entangled with Hosea. His interest never wore out with Dice. She willingly left her spot wide open for the next to occupy, leaving her conflicted.

When Dice and Miani have no choice but to face these men head-on, a
chain of events wraps them in deeper than before. Experiencing one another in new environments may be what they all need, but will it stop the past from breaking up what’s been consolidated?