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The Connect Who Took My Heart Away 3

Hilary Juelz has come back to the gritty streets of St. Louis. She has no plans to leave until she has left her mark and has been heard! Hosea is placed in an odd position, and will his reaction be best for the safety of his family? All new stress and Moss missing, will he be able to handle what is coming their way? Dice is spiraling on her own ups and downs and soon will find out the reason. What she finds could truly break or make their moment when they seem to finally be getting on track. Will Hosea make the wrong choice as the connect, putting his family and crew in jeopardy?

Obasi is settling in with Miani, and cutting strings with his old flings is a must if he’s going anywhere with the woman he says he loves. Miani has to boss up not only within her relationship but with her family, who have made leaving her past with Ralph almost impossible. She quickly faces uncomfortable situations, and her relationship may crumble or soar depending on how she handles it.

The completion of this evolving series comes with drama from all sides and takes you on a journey of its own. New faces, opportunities, and truths hit these couples full force, and they will be tested to their limits. Will they fall, or climb to the top when all said and done?