The Love and Loyalty of a Dope Boy 2

After handling an ancient beef and the likes of an obsessed female, Loco and Danielle enjoyed their time with his family and was back in Columbus Ohio to tie up loose ends and relocate to Augusta, Georgia. But, of course, that didn’t prevent the storms that came their way.

Dealing with lies, envy, and infidelity eventually led to fights, kidnappings, and the ultimate; death. The moment tragedy hit so close to home, as usual, the couples pulled together to get through the loss of a loved one. And, like any other time that they’ve all been faced with chaos, Loco and Danielle, Daniel and Aliyah, and Dupree and Rabbit all had one another’s backs.

Danyea and his boys were there through it all as well, although Danyea had his own drama. The mother of his daughter had returned with plans to have another baby with him, and she wasn’t giving up easily. Meanwhile, Danyea was hit with some news that no one was prepared for…