The Love and Loyalty of a Dope Boy

Young Danielle ‘Dani’ Mason grew up in a family of five, which consisted of her mother, father, and two brothers. Her parents had been married straight out of high school before Danielle and her brothers were born. Things were great in the Mason home until a black cloud began to loom over them and tragedy knocked at their door.

The day her older brother, Daniel, and close friend, Leonardo, graduated high school, Danielle received a call about her father that changed her family forever. As they bonded together to move forward in life, Danielle’s family took another tragic hit on her graduation night, which destroyed the hearts of Daniele and her younger brother, Danyea.

But, through the help of Danielle’s best-friend, Rabbit, and Danyea’s group of loyal friends, they avenge the damage caused to the Mason family, which affected those closest to them as well. After facing death, threats, and several abusive situations, can Danielle and her family find a way to get through it all? Or will it be too late to save their loved ones from facing the tragic events that continued to rip through their family?