They Call Me Law

Meet Ky-mani “Law” Parker; the sexy retired King of the streets of Chicago. He can have any woman he wants and women want nothing more than to be his queen; especially his accidental baby momma, Monae. The women he has encountered do not even begin to qualify until he meets Honey.

Honey Unique Johnson is in a loveless five-year relationship with her boyfriend Jerome. They had the perfect, straight life together until he became a man of the streets. The sudden change and the street life is too much for Honey and she walks away. But then she meets Ky-mani and all is great until she finds out that he is none other than Law, someone who Honey has learned to fear.

Can she look past the king of the streets and see the man inside? Can she overlook who he is, when she left her boyfriend for being a street nigga?

Can Ky-mani find a way to hold on to the one woman he can’t live without?

Find out as you follow this unlikely couple as they battle with finding a way to merge their two different worlds together whilst facing off with snakes, family secrets, lies and betrayal.