Yazir and Nina 2

Seth has made a huge mistake by taking Yazir’s threats with a grain of salt. Never one to give too many chances, Yazir is done talking and ready to allow his gun to take center stage. Adding to his stress, is a new connect who can’t seem to understand that no means no, and a conniving cousin who will do anything to knock him off of his square. Will Yazir, a man who is used to winning and succeeding no matter the odds, come out on top? Or will it all be too much, causing him to lose the two things that matter most; Nina, and his business.

With Cherelle making herself known, Sameer and Aubrie’s honeymoon stage has abruptly ended. Cherelle is determined to claim her spot as Mrs. Willis not only on paper, but in Sameer’s heart. Will Cherelle’s attempts to get her man back be fruitful? Or will it simply send her to an early grave, and Aubrie right back into Sameer’s arms?